I'm Brandon, 19.
Mexico City.

"Each isolated event in our lives
brings the essence to the particularity of the Universe;
each one hover upon us, encompassed by themselves harmony at the right time."

Some posts by me if stated
Feel free to ask anything!

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Good morning
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If you haven’t had in-n-out, the ticket to California is worth it.
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I’m saying this from the little experience I have, trust me.
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Aloha Weekends || we hope you are getting a chance to recharge and enjoy life, whether you are sipping coffee in the mountains, walking through the city or swimming the sea, we hope you are enjoying life. Thanks @luke_asgian for@the share.
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Some of this water was frozen over. In August. Mountain Pup don’t care. (at Summit Lake)
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life moves pretty fast, if  you don’t stop and look around every once in awhile you will miss it.
- ferris
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